Canning Town Station Handrails
Design Development & Fabrication Details

In early 2016 2TA was contracted by Essex based Robert Stevens & Sons Ltd to provide assistance in the provision of design development and fabrication details for new handrails to the public stair case at Canning Town Station

The project included the lower handrails to the perimeter and core walls (to match the existing upper handrails) and completely new island handrails at the centre of the stairs.

Photo of installed handrails, by kind permission of Robert Stevens

Although not initially appearing a challenging project it proved quite complex as each of the 7 flights of stairs varied very slightly.

The handrails are all pre-finished with a warm touch coating and have to be prefabricated with no cutting on site.

3D Model within AutoDesk Inventor

Due to small variations to the lead in and lead out dimensions to each of the seven flights all of the inner 10 handrails wreaths were individually unique. This was similarly the case with the 14 external curved ramps.

Further challenges were posed as all of the new brackets were to match up with the existing brackets.

Handrail as installed compared to pre construction model generated within AutoDesk Inventor

Following extensive surveys by Robert Stevens engineers, we were able to harness the power and efficiency of Auto Desk Inventors parametric modeling to generate the multiple individual detail variations through table based data files.

One of the General Arrangement Drawings created for the project

Works undertaken for:-

Robert Stevens & Sons Ltd
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Purdeys Industrial Estate

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