Globe Theatre Attack Resistant Doors
Design Development & Fabrication Details

In 2016 2TA was contracted by Essex based Fides Maintenance and Refurbishment Ltd to provide design development, and fabrication details, for a set of replacement doors for the restaurant at London's Globe Theatre

As a primary destination for visitors to the Capital it was considered an elevated level of protection would be appropriate at this location.

Render of door proposal

Having had significant experience in the design of both physical and bullet resistant enclosures for Banks, Embassies, Commercial and Private buildings internationally this proved an interesting project.

Despite providing a high level of protection the door set had to match the existing doors aesthetically. Additionally, being external doors, provision had to be included to ensure an appropriate level of thermal efficiency.

The installed doors - image courtesy of FMR Services

Providing elevated protection is not difficult to achieve with experience. However, the aesthetic and thermal challenges meant a fairly complicated composite assembly needed to be employed.

The inclusion of thermal breaks and insulation, without compromising the level of attack resistance, proved an interesting challenge not generally encountered on internal installations.

And exploded image (generated in AutoDesk Inventor) showing some of the "secrets" of the door construction.

As a one off solution the door was not tested to a specific standard however, with a record of designs exceeding ballistic and physical attack standards in the past, we are confident the door will prove adequate if ever tested.

Works undertaken for:-

Fides Maintenance and Refurbishment Ltd
90 Churchfields