Morgan Cars
Magazine Advert

In recognition of the launch of their new 3 Wheeler, Morgan Cars
(in association with AutoDesk, Nvidia and HP) set a competition to produce a full page magazine advertisement based on a rendering using a free issue 3D model.

Our submission - click to enlarge

The Concept

Having visited the Morgan factory previously, we were very much aware of Morgans traditional approach to car building.

In this modern age, with modern cars, the choice of buying a Morgan is perhaps a little eccentric. The cars look positively old fashioned; and some of the manufacturing techniques employed have changed little, if at all, in 100 years.

A Morgan, none the less, has a great deal of charm. The quality and individuality that comes from a handbuild vehicle is unique. And despite looking like something from the dawn of motoring, the cars accommodate very modern and advanced components.

We felt it was important to reflect these aspects in our advertisement submission. A Morgan is eccentric, and very British in its eccentricity. That is it's unique selling point.

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The 3D Model

We assume the 3D model provided for the competition had been deliberately degraded, with missing components, to allow participants the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in 3D modeling.
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The images above give a comparison of the model as supplied (on the right) and our completed model as included within the advertisement.

While the figures and paint work are obvious additions other changes are more subtle. The the list of other changes included (not exclusively):-
  • Remodel tyres and add tread
  • Remodel the headlamps to reduce the polygon count, model the headlamp brackets and remodel the indicators.
  • Model all the missing clips, fixings, bolts, pipes, cables, brackets and grommets.
  • Texture and UV map components.
  • Realign the suspension and model missing brackets, track rod ends, and nuts.
  • Restyle the body tub, add rivets and radiator grill.
  • Mirror missing exhaust and chassis rails.
  • Remove hidden components to make the model more manageable and reconfigure element grouping so all engine parts were together, all chassis parts etc.
  • Fabricate wing mirrors, wheel nuts and rear suspension arms.
  • Produce custom UV and bump maps to add texture to components, engine cooling veins etc.
  • Remodel air filter housing due to non continuity issues with original file.
  • Remove floating front badge and add as image/bump map within radiator casing.
  • Fabricate rear bulkhead and floor.
  • Modify exhaust to better blend the silencer