Thank you for considering 2TA Ltd as a technical media provider.
With 45 years experience in the building industry and over 30 years hands on use of AutoCAD, together with its associated software suites, we are confident we can provide you with an efficient, cost effective service, without the long term liability of additional directly employed staff.

At 2TA Ltd we use the latest AutoDesk software including:-
      AutoCAD 2014
      3D Studio Max
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The nature of our services,
and  45 years experience 
in The Construction Industry,
means we can provide additional
services over and above
documentation. We provide a large portofilo of technical documentation services including :-
	Operation and Maintainance Manuals 
	Health and Safety CDM Site Files
	Fire Escape Plans
	Electrical Circuit Installation Reference Plans
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2TA 3D Visualisation Services Animation and Video is a natural
progression from 3D CAD as the ellements
created in the drawing can often be animated
with no more effort than placing a camera.
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While our core business has remained
constant over 10 Years, the services provided
by 2TA Ltd have evolved with technollogy
and Customer requirements to extend into
related fields such as animation, videography
and 3D Printing. 2TA Ltd has offices in
England and Wales