CAD illustration
Generated as a complete CG 3D model within a virtual studio environment
2TA Video and Animation Services

2TA's main operation is in assisting Clients to share, and present, information.
Video is becoming more commonplace as a means of communication and we can provide complete advantage of this very powerful tool through animation, conventional video, or a combination of the two.

Animation is a natural progression from 3D CAD as, often, it can take little more than adding cameras, and camera paths, to turn a 3D CAD construction model into an animation.

Providing professional looking animated video footage echo's much which is undertaken in real world video. Hence as CAD dovetails into animation so animation dovetails into video.

Combining 3D generated content within real world video is the norm in cinema today. In many cases this can be far cheaper than creating real looking sets and props. As our main function is to demonstrate your proposed design solutions we can include 3D models of anticipated furniture or buildings within video of the existing environments giving a Client every opportunity to understand your proposals. Further economy is achieved as these models can also be the basis for the construction details.

In many cases it is possible to demonstrate situations in animation which would be impossible in the real world - a piece of furniture, or equipment that is transparent or disassembles in mid air; a room or building where the roof is removed to demonstrate people using the interior.

3D modeling and CGI is so interlinked that the software we use daily for construction CAD is either identical to, or a subtle derivative of, that used in many Hollywood blockbuster's. We can put these facilities at your disposal for you to tell your story.

With a few exceptions our video and animation software is identical to that listed for CAD:-
AutoDesk 3D Studio Max Used extensively in animation and visualisations. While a powerful simulation tool for, lighting, crowd movement and complex mechanical systems it was the animation industry standard and remains the foundation of many bespoke animation packages. Used in conjunction with other packages in almost every mainstream CGI project in the last 20 years.
AutoDesk Mudbox Predominately employed as a lump of virtual clay in CG modeling and texturing organic forms, creatures, plants dinosaurs - almost anything that doesn't have a straight side. Not as widely used as "Z Brush" but interfaces well with an AutoDesk based workflow.
HitFilm Compositing and special effects in video also directly incorporating 3D models into 3D based scenes. Not as widely used as Adobe After Effects, or as well known, but has the same facilities in many cases. It is produced by a small British Company who have developed the software from hands on use in Film making and is steadily gaining respect. It is cost effective and remains a user based resource compared to Adobes move to "Cloud" based facilities.
Sony Vegas Pro This is our primary video editing and assembly software. It is cost effective and powerful with the potential for 5.1 "Surround Sound" when required. It is a fast and efficient tool in the hands of an experienced user.
AutoDesk MatchMover This is an extremely powerful tool in combining video with 3D based model animation. It analyses shot video footage and creates a point cloud within a 3D virtual world, matching key features and the camera location and details (even if the camera is moving or zooming). By matching the virtual camera to the video camera, 3D elements can be combined with the video footage appearing to be within the same space.

We have enjoyed being involved in a number of video projects over the years. Included below are some frame-grabs from a sample:-

When filming live action we predominantly use Canon DSLRs.
These large sensor cameras have gained considerable respect in both main stream cinema productions and electronic news gathering (ENG). Their compact size, and weight, makes them ideal in confined situations; and the available control over image depth of field can give significant advantages, and artistic opportunities, over conventional video cameras.

Having accrued a significant lens stock of top end Canon optics over the years, for photography, our adoption of video was less financially onerous than it may otherwise have been. This noted our investment in video production has been significant.

Although DSLR's produce spectacular video images they don't do so without a fight. To aid our production we have developed a number of add on's to make taking video more effective.

For close action, wet, underwater, dirty or hazardous situations we use GoPro Hero cameras.
These tiny cameras with armoured casings are used by almost every TV production company in the world, and can be triggered, and monitored, remotely for added convenience.