CAD illustration
Generated as a complete CG 3D model within a virtual studio environment

2TA Ltd CAD Services

CAD services are the cornerstone of 2TA's business and dovetails into many of the other areas of service we provide.

We have invested heavily in software over the years and maintain the most up to date versions of AutoDesk AutoCAD Design Suite, the industry standard within the Construction Industry.

Our CAD software assets include:-
AutoCAD 2020 - full version The Industry Standard within the Construction Industry. Offering extensive drawing tool sets in 2D and 3D.
AutoDesk Inventor 2020
Inventor provides spectacular facility and efficiency in manufacturing documentation. In addition to full 3D model based CAD drawings it can automatically generate Bills of Materials and weight analysis from the drawing data. Inventors parametric modelling base allows fast dimensional changes which translate through the project including component sizes on Bills of Materials. Exploded views, rendered images and animations can be generated directly from within the software.
AutoDesk 3D Studio Max 2020 Used extensively in animation and visualisations but also offering powerful simulation tools for lighting, crowd movement and complex mechanical systems. Provides accurate lighting simulation and photo real renderings.
AutoDesk ReCap 2018 This provides point cloud integration from 3D lazer survey data.

Having used AutoCAD for 25 years, we have seen significant improvements in functionality.
As such, whilst happy to provide either 2D or 3D services, in all but the simplest of projects it is often most efficient to produce drawings as a 3D model.

As 3D modeling produces a virtual, real size, digital representation of the proposed construction this has many advantages over 2D including:-

  • The one element can be viewed and manipulated to produce as many, elevations, projections, sections, isolated component details as required without further drawing
  • Shaped, curved and geometric construction can be drawn and analised quickly where conventional 2D draughting would require significant projected elevations and sections to check
  • Using 3D elements ensures absolute consistency between elevations and sections
  • The generated component elements can be readily used as the basis for CNC production with very little further manipulation reducing discrepancies between drawing and manufacture
  • 3D models can readily generate 3D images, even videos, allowing Clients unfamiliar with manufacturing drawings a full appreciation of design proposals
  • 3D models can be printed to provide a real size or scale version of the proposal at very little extra cost over the original drawing production

For further examples please see:-
Conical Reception Desk Joinery setting out and CNC machining details for a compact hotel reception desk in the shape of a cone.
Bespoke Private Library Design development, and joinery setting out drawings, for a large classical style library, with paneling, for a private residence.
London Underground Handrails Metalwork fabrication drawings of one of several handrail projects undertaken for a Client supplying London Underground
Drawings for Planning Approval Example of an office extension for an industrial unit. Drawings for design development and subsequent approval by local authorities.